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Cell Phone Safety Tips Mar 7, 2011
Safety Tips

1. Get to know your phone
Get to know your phone and its features such as speed dial and redial. Carefully read your instruction manual and learn to take advantage of valuable features most phones offer including, automatic redial and memory dial-most phones can store up to 99 numbers in memory dial. Also, work to memorize the phone keypad so you can use the speed dial function without taking your attention off the road.

2. Use hands free devices
When available, use a hands free device. A number of hands free wireless phone accessories are readily available today. Whether you choose an installed mounted device for your phone or a speaker phone accessory, take advantage of these devices if available to you.   (***Note, studies have shown that the distraction of a driver's attention from the road contributes to accidents involving cellular phones and that handsfree devices do not reduce the incidence of accidents***)

3. Position your phone within easy reach
Position your phone within easy reach. Make sure you place your wireless phone within easy reach and where you can grab it without removing your eyes from the road. If you get an incoming call at an inconvenient time, let your voice mail answer it for you.

4. Suspend conversation during hazardous conditions
Suspend conversations during hazardous driving conditions or situations. Let the person you are speaking to know you are driving; if necessary, suspend the call in heavy traffic or hazardous weather conditions. Rain, sleet, snow and ice can be hazardous, but so is heavy traffic. As a driver, your first responsibility is to pay attention to the road.

5. Pay attention to the road
Do not take notes or look up phone numbers while driving. If you are reading an address book or business card while driving a car, or writing a "to do" list, then you are not watching where you are going. It's common sense. Don't get caught in a dangerous situation because you are reading or writing and not paying attention to the road or nearby vehicles.

6. Dial sensibly and assess the traffic
Dial sensibly and assess the traffic; if possible, place calls when you are not moving or before pulling into traffic. Try to plan your calls before you begin your trip, or attempt to coincide your calls with times you may be stopped at a stop sign, red light or otherwise stationary. But if you need to dial while driving, follow this simple tip-dial only a few numbers, check the road and your mirrors, then continue.

7. Do not engage in distracting conversations
Do not engage in stressful or emotional conversations that may be distracting. Stressful or emotional conversations and driving do not mix-they are distracting and even dangerous when you are behind the wheel. Make people you are talking with aware you are driving and if necessary, suspend phone conversations which have the potential to divert your attention from the road.

8. Use your phone to call for help
Use your phone to call for help. Your wireless phone is one of the greatest tools you can own to protect yourself and your family in dangerous situations-with your phone at your side, help is only three numbers away. Dial 9-1-1 in the case of fire, traffic accident, road hazard, or medical emergencies. Remember, it is a free call on your wireless phone!

9. Use your phone to help others
Use your phone to help others in emergencies. Your wireless phone provides you a perfect opportunity to be a "good Samaritan" in your community. If you see an auto accident, crime in progress or other serious emergency where lives are in danger, call 9-1-1, as you would want others to do for you.

10. Call roadside assistance when necessary
Call roadside assistance or a special wireless non-emergency assistance number when necessary. Certain situations you encounter while driving may require attention, but are not urgent enough to merit a call to 9-1-1. But you can still use your wireless phone to lend a hand. If you see a broken-down vehicle posing no serious hazard, a broken traffic signal, a minor traffic accident where no one appears injured, or a vehicle you know to be stolen, call roadside assistance or other special non-emergency wireless number.

*Information provided by the Cellular Phone Industry

What to do in case of an Accident Mar 7, 2011

1. Stay calm. Don't leave the scene.

2. Check to see if anyone is hurt.

3. Call the police from the accident scene.

4. Complete the Accident Information Form (these can be picked up at Jessie Insurance).

    *This form includes the following:

      a) Write down the Names,

      b) Addresses and Phone Numbers of everyone who was involved in or witnessed the accident.

      c) Write down the license plate numbers

      d) Write down insurance company names and policy numbers of everyone involved in the accident.

5. Don't discuss your insurance coverage or limits.

6. Don't admit fault. Don't discuss the accident with anyone except the police, your agent or

   Company representative.

7. Contact Jessie Insurance or, if unavailable, call your insurance provider.

The Top Reasons why Cincinnati Insurance can help you find more effective and affordable coverages Mar 7, 2011
#1 A.M. Best Company assigns Cincinnati's property casualty group an A++ (Superior) its highest financial strength rating, awarded only to the top three percent of insurer groups.

#2 Ward lists Cincinnati among the top 50 companies in America for balancing performance with policyholder safety.

#3 Founded in 1950 by agents, for agents, Cincinnati has always operated exclusively through independent agencies and remains 100% committed to the independent agency system.

#4 Cincinnati has become the No. 1 or No. 2 carrier in more than 70% of the agencies that represent Cincinnati.

#5 Nearly one-third of all Cincinnati associates works from their homes, which means they are equipped to better accommodate and understand individuals as compared to many corporate companies.

#6 Agent surveys consistently rate Cincinnati No. 1 for claims, products, flexibility and service to agencies. Which means when you have a loss, Cincinnati teaming up with Jessie Insurance is ready to help you quickly and effectively resolve your claim.

#7 The Cincinnati Insurance Companies serves nearly one million businesses, families, and individuals in 34 states. In 2006 Policyholders counted on Cincinnati to pay out $1,524,684,050 in losses, reassuring policyholders that the resources will be there when they need them.

*Source Material available at Jessie Insurance
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